Knightscope K5 crime-detection robot

If this is the long-awaited rise of the machines, it’s not exactly what we were expecting. the job of K5 is simple: to provide
us with the kind of security human guards alone can’t. With an array of cameras, thermal-imaging sensors and microphones, and the ability to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the K5 makes a formidable security guard, although it is really destined to be more of a mall cop.

in the event K5 senses something unusual in an area it is patrolling, it will first investigate, yell out verbal warnings and then sound a siren. if this doesn’t neutralise the situation, it will call for backup, getting hold of the appropriate authorities for immediate dispatch, and it goes on to record the event with all of its sensors as evidence.

it can capture hD video in 360° and collects about 90 tB data per day through its infrared scanners. the infrared cameras can identify
faces and license plates and can then check these against police databases for the early detection of known offenders.

With K5 robots already at work protecting the properties of NBc and microsoft, and more blue-chip clients signing up every month, our security may very well end up in the ‘hands’ of machines.

1.5m tall, 0.8m wide, 136 kg, 30 km/h top speed, fully autonomous, cloud synced, indoor and outdoor models, vandalism-resistant design, LiDAR, iR cameras, temperature sensors and face detection. R820 000 per year subscription fee